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Welcome to my personnal blog. You'll find everything about me here : things I like, things I dislike, things I do and wanna do... I won't put any personnal things here. I mean, really personnal...

I'm Kirsten and I did this blog to let my friends know that I'm still alive. Everyone can visit my blog and get to know me. I like to meet new people actually. And I didn't want to loose contact with people I've met so, I hope they will comment to my blog posts [ just to let me know that they're also alive ]. I'll try to fill this blog and I'll try to write everyday on it. I'm quite busy with all my websites... I've got.... about 7 websites to handle and take care of... that's a lot.

Feel free to message me [ I'll maybe answer you ] and I hope some of my friends will visit me [ my blog in fact... ].

I've got an internet friend here panda-10.png That's Mister Panda ^^ he talks a lot, you'll see. Ok, maybe some people will treat me like a freak or something, but as I am alone, I have the rights to talk with an internet character... lol No, honestly, Mister Panda is cool... you'll see XD

Here's some websites where you can contact me also : Hi5 or my Facebook [ the badge is on the left side of my blog ] .

Enfoy your visit then!


Date of birth : 1990/12/09
Living in : Neverland, CA
Work : Singer and model
Special habilities : languages and imitating voices

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