Still in grand grief.... T T

It's been one month [ 2009 - 06 - 25 ] Michael Jackson died, still I can't believe he's really dead... it seems that he's still alive. He is, at a certain point, but it cannot be possible! That guy is immortal! He just can't die like he did! He sure will live forever in all his fans' hearts. As for me, I am listening to his music right now. Remembering the good times of the King Of Pop... h417.gif

Since Michael Jackson's death, my feelings about my career later, what I wanna do, seem to have... faded... I always liked to sing and create my own songs on beats that are already existing. I'd like to be a singer. That'd be cool! I know that many singers around the world wanted to be so because of Michael Jackson. He's an inspiration for many of us as for me. But after his sudden death, I feel like I want to be a singer. I want to do many things and walk on the same path as Michael Jackson. To be a great entertainer. Is it possible? For me? Yes, Michael would say ''Of cource it is possible!'' ^^

Anyway, I'll maybe put some of my songs that I wrote here. I actually wrote a song for Michael. I don't know if it's alright... But I think it suits you well. I still have to work on it though. It is finished, but I want it to be perfect.


Welcome, visitors!


Welcome to my personnal blog. You'll find everything about me here : things I like, things I dislike, things I do and wanna do... I won't put any personnal things here. I mean, really personnal...

I'm Kirsten and I did this blog to let my friends know that I'm still alive. Everyone can visit my blog and get to know me. I like to meet new people actually. And I didn't want to loose contact with people I've met so, I hope they will comment to my blog posts [ just to let me know that they're also alive ]. I'll try to fill this blog and I'll try to write everyday on it. I'm quite busy with all my websites... I've got.... about 7 websites to handle and take care of... that's a lot.

Feel free to message me [ I'll maybe answer you ] and I hope some of my friends will visit me [ my blog in fact... ].

I've got an internet friend here panda-10.png That's Mister Panda ^^ he talks a lot, you'll see. Ok, maybe some people will treat me like a freak or something, but as I am alone, I have the rights to talk with an internet character... lol No, honestly, Mister Panda is cool... you'll see XD

Here's some websites where you can contact me also : Hi5 or my Facebook [ the badge is on the left side of my blog ] .

Enfoy your visit then!


Date of birth : 1990/12/09
Living in : Neverland, CA
Work : Singer and model
Special habilities : languages and imitating voices

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