Second show done!

Second show done! I can't believe that it is finished already! Just another show and I'm done! Next one : August 17th.

The public again was adorable. Everyone was singing We Are The World with us, some knows the lyrics and some doesn't, but they sing it all the same! That's just great when you sing on stage and the public is singing with you. A sort of help, maybe.... That was just funny because I could see some children dancing on their seat lol children of about 5 to 10 years old.

The others songs went well too. Again, no mistake, no false step... the dancers are just great, they're cool, I'm glad I can work with them. ''Scream'' was hot.

My friends were there too! In the beginning of the show, I just forgot that my friends and my dear friend Diana were there.. There was a 10 minutes pause between the songs Ghosts and The way you make me feel, my friends wanted to see me. In general, we can't go on stage when there's a pause, we have to stay backstage, but I successed to go into the public. Diana was as always ''I cannot wait till the Panthe dance, ya know, it's my favorite one...'' I said : ''Yeah sure, but you don't know what is waiting for you!'' She was confused... lol

I did The way you make me feel... it was great again. The girl I'm working with for this song is great. I would like to thank her.

Yeah yeah yeah... Dirty Diana... there's some of my internet friends that wanted to know everything about it lol My other friends [ not Diana but the others ] knew that I was doing Dirty Diana, they thought that would be a great surprise for Diana, because she just loves the song. They kept it as a secret of course. After The way you make me feel, everything went black... and the song Dirty Diana began, and in the beginning of the song there's a loud sound. I was trying to search for my friend Diana, but I couldn't see a thing yet. So... the light was on. I was still searching for my friend, but it is not that easy when you're on stage with big lights in your eyes... I did a little speech before I could start. I said : ''there's one of my friends who loves this song, so I've decided to sing that song just for her. I think she knows it is dedicated to her.'' Then I saw her waving, and... well I wanted her to go on stage with me. So I was so desesperately searching for her in the public.

The song started. And in the middle of the song, I went down to fetch her and bring her on the stage. She was like ''Oh, you sure?'' I said ''yeah of course! Tonight it is my show and your show!'' She was happy. ^^ and then we were on stage together. She hugged me... she's quite possessive, she would hug me in front of many people just to say ''Don't touch!'' .... I was singing the part, the final verse, and she was dancing with me... well dancing, it is more like... just some moves. We were really close to each other and I was just singing that part ''She said he's not going back because he's sleeping with me'' and I thought ''ok, just to look at her looking at me, and me saying this sentence, I am just damned already...'' lol... no seriously... I think I surprised her, but she was amused by it. She kissed me at the end of the song.

And the show continued... it was great. And Diana was great. She met me backstage when the show was done. She said that was very kind from me... just doing the song dirty diana. And the panther dance... lol yeah the panther dance... she had her word to tell about that. She was like ''Ya never get horny while doin' this?'' I said ''No why would I get horny, I'm not watching, I am doing it!'' She was like ''Ya know, when I saw the video.. Black or White, and Michael Jackson doin' this stuff, the panther dance, I so wanted to be in this video and tear all his clothes... even his pants... I felt the same way about ya.'' lol no she's not pervert.... at all... lol but it's Diana and I love her. I have to love her XD cause she's really possessive. But no, we're not going out together. People think we do, but we don't... no... we don't even go to a romantic restaurant... Diana is simply Diana. ^^

Attraction Park Today!

I went to the big attraction park today with my aunt ^^ I did a lot of rides... big rides. But I got a headache at the end... I knocked my head on the seat and it hurt a lot... but we had fun, it was a really hot day. But it rained a bit and it was announcing thunders at the end of the day...

So we went back home. It was fun all the same, with the rain and all, helped me forget all my sorrow... sorrow... not quite, but after Michael's death... yeah...

First show finished!

Friday night, I did my first show of the week! That was great! No mistakes, no false note, nothing! That's great! Next show on August 13th. I'll do my best again ^^

Here's the plan in detail :

Intro : We did the intro of the show. I spoke first, I said what I wanted to say about Michael Jackson... how much he inspired me, he was a great singer and dancer, the king of pop... and I've announced that the concert could begin. The crowd was calm at first. Really calm... respect, you know....

We are the world : We sang ''We are the world'' one of Michael's greatest single. Again, the public was calm. We sang this song in group. We were about 20 singers... quite many...

Scream : We sang ''Scream'' me and a girl. We were dressed in all white. The girl was very good and very talented ^^ I like her, but I don't really know her.

Ghosts : One of my favorite song and dance : Ghosts. We did the whole sketch. A group of people came onto the stage... and I came in. I tried to scare them all lol and then we had some persons disguised as ghosts and we did the whole dance. That was pretty cool. The crowd was cherring ^^

The Way You Make Me Feel : I did this song with another girl. She said that was quite weird because she's never been aroused by another girl before lol that was the inportant part of the story though. She plays her role really well.

Dirty Diana : I wanted to do this song for one of my friends. Her name is Diana so I so wanted to do it. My friend wasn't there, but she'll be there on the 13th of August. I did Dirty Diana all the same.

Black or White + Panther Dance : Ok.... black or white was fine. I didn't want to do the Panther Dance though, but the directors thought that would be just splendid... I can tell you that when the lights became blue and soft... the crowd was screaming... at first. They never thought there would be a panther dance, cause the panther dance was censored from the Black or white video. But I think I did great, seriously... even the directors were amazed lol I even did the zipper part. Hahah anyway...

Thriller : Thriller was a sucess as always...

Bad : Bad, my favorite dance and costume. That was a bliss for me XD

Smooth Criminal : The last dance of the show. We did great for this one. And I loved to be dressed as a smooth criminal ^^ lol

I can't wait for the 13th now... Yeah, cause I was scared first... but now that we did great, I can't wait!


A quite fun day ^^ 2009 - 07 - 30

We went at the attraction park the other day ^∇^ I love attraction parks. Who doesn't? Well, it's true that if you get sick, it isn't really fun... But I didn't get sick at all cici-emoticon-003.gif I never got sick in a ride, never. Plus I didn't do many rides... the attraction park we went to is for children. But my aunt told me that we'll probably go to the big attraction park, hehe ^^

Yes, I'm supposed to go at my aunt's ont the 6 of August. My aunt has a really big and beautiful house. I'll stay there till... around 12 of August. I'll go at my shows and on my daybreaks, we'll do things together. We'll go shopping... I still have some clothes to buy.

I'm still working on my songs. I know, it takes long, but I want them to sound perfect. And to be written perfectly. I want to find some melodies for them too, but I am not a composer or something....

We'll see kaoani-cat10.gif

Still in grand grief.... T T

It's been one month [ 2009 - 06 - 25 ] Michael Jackson died, still I can't believe he's really dead... it seems that he's still alive. He is, at a certain point, but it cannot be possible! That guy is immortal! He just can't die like he did! He sure will live forever in all his fans' hearts. As for me, I am listening to his music right now. Remembering the good times of the King Of Pop... h417.gif

Since Michael Jackson's death, my feelings about my career later, what I wanna do, seem to have... faded... I always liked to sing and create my own songs on beats that are already existing. I'd like to be a singer. That'd be cool! I know that many singers around the world wanted to be so because of Michael Jackson. He's an inspiration for many of us as for me. But after his sudden death, I feel like I want to be a singer. I want to do many things and walk on the same path as Michael Jackson. To be a great entertainer. Is it possible? For me? Yes, Michael would say ''Of cource it is possible!'' ^^

Anyway, I'll maybe put some of my songs that I wrote here. I actually wrote a song for Michael. I don't know if it's alright... But I think it suits you well. I still have to work on it though. It is finished, but I want it to be perfect.



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